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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Amrev Data Recovery [for PC]

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Amrev Data Recovery software recovers deleted files and retrieve formatted data. It can deal with any data loss situations to easily recover deleted and lost files from hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, memory card, digital camera, mobile phone, music player and other storage media due to deletion, formatting, software crash, hard drive damage, virus attacking, partition loss or other unpredictable reasons.
Main Features:
1. Ease of Recovery – Recover any kind of data you lost, such as pictures, videos, audio, emails, documents with ease.
2. Variety of Storage Media Supported – Recover deleted/lost data from PC, laptop, USB drive, pen drive, memory card and many others storage devices.
3. Data Recovery from All type of loss – Recover data which lost due to deleting, OS crash, formatting, system error and any other reasons.
4. Complete Scan – Deleted file recovery Software scans the drive thoroughly and recover data using all possible aspect.
5. Preview Functionality – The most crucial feature of the Amrev Data Recovery Software Windows is Preview Functionality.
6. Quality – Using this preview feature, the quality of the photo can be previewed before you decide to purchase the software to recover deleted files windows.
Point to Remember – What to do in Data Loss Situations?
As per the recent survey on data loss, majority of the users are facing data loss situation as they rely on strange methods of recovery rather than using a savior like Data Recovery Software. Relying on such methods may lead to permanent loss of data.
Don’t’s – Methods that are not supposed be followed:
• It is strongly recommended not to use the storage device (memory card, hard drive) to copy any data.
• Use the best Data Recovery Software from Amrev to get back your cherished moments.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Have You Accidentally Deleted Your Emails From Microsoft Outlook 2010?

Majority of Outlook users face such problems in their daily routine. Best advice for such users, Just Sit Back and Relax - Do not Panic! As recovering lost emails from outlook 2010 is very simple and Do-It yourself task. Amrev Email Recovery Software is the best choice to recover such deleted emails which is an upgraded version that supports Outlook 2010.

Recovery Possibilities:

When an email is deleted, it remains physically intact in the PST file. MS Outlook could not find such lost emails as it will be marked as free space which can then be utilized for new incoming emails. Hence, the chances of getting such emails overwritten are more as this free space will get utilized by new incoming emails.

But recovering lost emails in outlook 2010 is still possible using a suitable recovery tool, no matter if you have deleted any item using Shift + Del key combination or by emptying the 'Deleted Items' folder. Hence, the chance of recovering email is high.

Respond Immediately:

MS Outlook continuously overwrites the emails to free up disk space and to store new emails. If the drive is full and it does not have enough free space to write new data, it can overwrite the deleted emails. Once the deleted emails are overwritten, it becomes highly impossible by any tool to recover such emails.
Hence, take immediate action when you accidentally delete any item from your Outlook PST file to increase the chances of successful recovery and to overcome permanent data loss.

Outstanding Recovery Tool:

If a complete backup of your Outlook PST file is not available, then the only possibility left is to rely on a Deleted Email Recovery Software.

Amrev Outlook PST Recovery is one of the best email recovery tools to recover lost emails, folders, calendars, appointments, meeting requests, contacts, tasks, task requests, journals, notes and attachments from corrupted PST file.

This powerful software successfully recovers all your accidentally/intentionally deleted mails, even after emptying the 'Deleted Items' folder.

Best Options available in the Software:

Software helps you save the recovered PST file in any location, including the network attached drives recognized by the host operating system.

Software can be evaluated using the trial version for absolutely FREE which shows exactly how many emails and other items can be recovered using the full version of this Amrev PST recovery software.

Different formats of Recovery supported - Provides Save in PST, Save in MSG, Save in OE Store, and Save in EML formats to help you save the recovered mailbox items.

It can also recover your lost/deleted mails and all other objects even from password protected PST files.
Overall, this software is rated as one of the best email recovery tool which is having such amazing built-in functionalists that allows you to recover lost emails with ease.


Saturday, 31 August 2013

Tips to Select a Quality Photo Recovery Software

Tips to Select a Quality Photo Recovery Software There are many benefits of using deleted photo recovery software. However, selecting one of them is not an easy task. The reason is their sheer number. Currently there are many recovery software's present in the market. But, not all these options can be considered to deliver quality results. This is the reason, it is essential to make the appropriate software selection. In this article we will subsequently look at those factors, which will help a probable buyer select the right recovery software option:-

1. Before initiating the recovery software search, it is necessary to carry out a little research on one's own reclamation needs and requirement. Find out the data that one want to retrieve, the storage devices from which it has to be done and the version of their operating system.

2. Not many software are platform independent. Which means, there are only few data retrieval software's which support all the major operating systems, such as Windows, Mac and Linux. However, not supporting all storage devices and operating systems can cause serious issue. For example, if the photo retaking has to be done from any specific storage device and operating system, then it has to be checked whether or not, the recovery software offers the privilege to do so.

3. Make sure that the recovery software can retrieve data from all major storage device which are currently, present in the market. The reason is that, all digital camera, offered by leading manufacturers, can easily sync with the existing current age storage devices. So, the need could arise anytime, to make Photo recovery from memory card, USB hard drives, different hard disk drives or any other storage device option.

4. Check whether the Photo recovery software can work on different operating systems, and can retrieve the file extensions supported by them. Every operating system has their own way of storing any data. This change in storage process results in change in their file extensions. Some of the most common file extensions are BMP, TIF, JPEG and GIF. However, apart from them, there are many other file extension options also available. Although, there are applications at hand, which can convert one file extension to any other. However, those things are quite technical and complicated, and any user would surely want to avoid them.

Apart from the following factors, do a little research about the kind of customer service and after sales support, offered by the software vendor. Such services proves helpful when something goes wrong during the photo recovery process or with the software itself. Apart from that, do not pay a significant amount for a few extra features. Also try to remain safe from the advertising and marketing stunts. There are many software manufacturers who spend a huge amount on the promotions of their products. Do not get influenced by them, and take decision, by carefully evaluating all the factors and options.


Monday, 29 July 2013

File recovery software - Recover files after Restore Factory settings

The users who are reading this page usually will have lost some important files which they want to recover, well they are at that place to recover their lost or deleted (intentionally or unintentionally) files.

File recovery software is one of the most efficient software used to recover lost files. Whenever a file is deleted only the pathway to that file will deleted, that file will remain in the hard disk as it is unless a new data is written on it. File recovery software can recover the lost file by finding the deleted pathway which provides a direct access to the lost file (which is recovered after finding the pathway to it by the software), even a file including images, Microsoft Office files or outlook emails can be recovered by this software.

When looking for file recovery software, one has to find a solution that can recover the lost files from the location from where it is lost. File can be lost because of virus attacks or accidental deletions. To find software which is very much capable of recovering your file is very important. Right now where you are looking for software to recover your file is perfect place as you will find Email Recovery & Data Recovery to recover your file. Even deleted files from CDs and DVDs, memory cards, camera cards and external drives can also be recovered.

In order to recover the deleted files you need to conduct data recovery searches which can be tedious, frustrating and stressful, but don’t worry this software can make this search simpler and easier for you by providing file details and file preview.

So no more worries if you lose your files because there will always be file recovery software to recover your important files.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Mac Photo recovery Software to recover Images from Mac

It is really harassing when a photo, picture or anything gets lost from Mac PC. What a pity if you lost those precious memories which are captured in the forms of photos. What to do in those conditions. Don’t be frustrated Amrev Software which is determines one of the leading one software in get back deleted files stands always with you to be the best options at the time of that type of worry.We have Mac photo recovery software which recovers so briskly all the pictures, data’s, images, photo from the Mac PC.

Our  master software which helps you to handle the problem of deleted data with a very great ease to recover those images, data though even if they are deleted from recycle bin. We uses an incredible advanced and extremely enough proficient software to recover data. Our Mac Photo recovery Software helps you to get retrieve your photo your data with a very great comfort. It uses Intensive Scan to recover data. Our Mac data recovery software aims to recover lost multimedia files from your Mac computer and other storage devices regardless of file systems and directly search lost files and free recover your lost photos, music and other multimedia file. We show preview of lost files in order to specify what you want to recover and retrieve free Mac photo recovery from Mac computer, memory cards, and digital cameras.

We have advanced data recovery software to recover lost/formatted/deleted images, audios and photos, etc. under Windows environment. The software is highly capable of doing the photo recovery on the Mac based computers as it is intended to do so. By accompanied us you will get more than your expectations. You can also be categorized among the users which gave us the position of no.1. Our website contains all the information about us and you can gather knowledge from there.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

How to Choose the Best Data Retrieval Software from Mac & Outlook

In this modern era of computers & internet this is common that sometimes some files & data are deleted either intentionally or by mistake. But the main problem occurs when these files are needed in a very urgent situation. What to do in those circumstances? Don’t be disappointed those files or data can be easily recuperated with the help of Amrev Software. We are the leading one & the most capable for solving out these problems. We have the master software which helps our client to tackle the dilemma of Data recovery, file recovery, mail recovery, and password recovery.

Our software is constructed with a highly advanced & sophisticated technique to make its use plain. Our data recovery software is adequate to retrieve the all types of data. It uses Intensive Scan to recover data and can deal with all types of data loss situations. Our file recovery software is built such that it can recover any deleted file from your system. It is considered one of the best email recovery software to recover lost and deleted emails.

Amrev Mac Photo Recovery software recovers data from MAC PC and your mail password recovery can be done through by it. It restores your password. Accompany with Amrev software data recovery, file recovery, mail recovery and password recovery can be done easily and cheaply too.

Amrev Software is the leading one in the deleted recovery software companies and retrieves all types of data and all types of files that are out from the recycle bin. It is the most convenient way to solve out you from the data deleted situations and too appropriate for file recovery, mail recovery, password recovery in a condition when all these are lost. By giving us a chance to help you, we are sure you will get more than your expectations as our all the clients responses to us. Our website contains all the information about us and you can gather knowledge from there.